共享经济 . 共享未来
FREELIFE跨界共享系统-- 开创全球广告新时代,一键实现 “品牌快速建立”+“营销转速转化”
FREELIFE-中国品牌出海一站式服务商 中国品牌全球化重要推手

FREELIFE, sharing economy, achieving multi-win-win
Focusing on the marketing field of the sharing economy, Freelife is committed to becoming the global advertising platform with the largest population base and highest conversion rate.

Big data being precisely released and delivered efficiently

Being the marketing solution of the advertisers with low-input but high conversion rate, Freelife can improve the ROI (rate of investment) of advertisers, and enhance the market competitiveness.

Broadening the sales channels of products, entering the global market

Providing brand-new sales channels for the gift suppliers, enabling the revenue to be substantially increased, getting the global Freelife resources integrated and marching towards the North American and even the global market.

Free advertising resources, attracting more users

Providing free advertising resources for the strategic partners, like B2C vertical online retailers, network platforms and content suppliers etc., increasing the stickiness of users and improving the revenue and the market influence.

New information, new experience and new promotions of the shopping and entertainment

New information will be got from the shopping or entertainment, which brings real benefits and new customer experience for consumers.

Big data being precisely released and delivered efficiently
Free advertising resources, attracting more users
Broadening the sales channels for products, entering the global market
New information, new experience and new promotions of the shopping and entertainment

FREELIFE O2O the precise marketing business model

FREELIFE O2O the precise marketing business method

Based on the sharing economy, the patent protection of the United States patent and trademark office has already been applied.

Shared data, accurate customers

FREELIFE big data can effectively improve the accuracy of advertisement delivery and further reduce the marketing costs substantially and consequently increase the marketing benefit.

Advertising shared, costs reduced

FREELIFE advertising gifts not only include the free samples appearing in the traditional marketing (its marketing conversion rate reaches up to 33%), but also comprise the free gifts with partitioned advertising which means its shared advertising.

Shared logistics, distributed instantly

In the traditional model, a logistics is needed for each order issued by the B2C platform, while 2-20 business advertisements may be contained in the gifts provided by FREELIFE, which means this logistics is commonly shared by multiple businesses; thus, the logistics costs will be reduced substantially.



“CF国脉电商文化共同体”是由加拿大共享经济公司Freelife Solutions Ltd. 和中国中传集团(C Media)基于双方优势联合打造。




Freelife Solutions与中传集团战略合作、全新打造的“加拿大频道”,通过对接加拿大本地媒体和优势商家资源,在为中国列车旅客提供海外文化资讯的同时,推出加拿大优质特色产品网购服务。

Core Management Team

  • (中文) 江红辉
    (中文) 江红辉 大中华区总裁
  • Rainier Li
    Rainier Li 首席财务官CFO

Strategic Investors

Cooperative Partners

Evaluations from the Industry

  • Xinwo is the only financial consumption platform of China focusing on the home decoration field. Aiming at the actual conditions of the customers with decoration demand, such as the various economic capacities and decoration phases, Xinwo provides more preferable and effective financial services for them. After the strategic cooperation between Xinwo and FREELIFE is reached, we can combine with Xinwo’s rich and subdivided data and deliver gifts more accurately among the customers in different phases of decoration, which improves the customers’ usage rate to a certain extent. The FREELIFE can also improve the convention rate for businesses and activate the monotonous promotion methods of the home decoration market. 

    齐跃先生 Mr. Qi Yue 新窝网 Xinwo CEO
  • The free Rail-WiFi network system subordinate to China Media Group (C media) has covered over 300 domestic trains. At present, the free Rail-WiFi systems of over 100 trains of Beijing Railways Bureau are being debugged now, which are predicted to provide free WiFi networking service for passengers at the end of April. The free gifts from FREELIFE in the Bucket and free movies, music, variety shows, novels, games and other entertainment resources will be enjoyed when the train entertainment system the Bucket APP is downloaded. The passenger train WiFi service system Rail-WiFi invested by C Media Group has obtained the WiFi operation rights of over 1,000 domestic trains. In the future, C Media Group will conduct a deeper cooperation with FREELIFE and create a leading super service platform under the WiFi environment of the domestic trains, enabling the vast number of passengers to enjoy more intimate and convenient services provided by the Bucket APP.

    李宝民先生 Mr. Baomin Li 中传集团 CHINA MEDIA GROUP. CTO