FREELIFE ,sharing economy, achieving multi-win-win!

Focusing on the marketing field of the sharing economy, Freelife is committed to
becoming the global advertising platform

with the largest population base and highest conversion rate

Shared data, accurate customers

FREELIFE big data can effectively improve the accuracy of advertisement delivery and further reduce the marketing costs substantially and consequently increase the marketing benefit.

Advertising shared, costs reduced

FREELIFE advertising gifts not only include the free samples appearing in the traditional marketing (its marketing conversion rate reaches up to 33%), but also comprise the free gifts with partitioned advertising which means its shared advertising

Shared logistics, distributed instantly

In the traditional model, a logistics is needed for each order issued by the B2C platform, while 2-20 business advertisements may be contained in the gifts provided by FREELIFE, which means this logistics is commonly shared by multiple businesses; thus, the logistics costs will be reduced substantially.

 FREELIFE O2O the precise marketing business model